6th Grade Field Trip

Picture from DA teacher

Last week Durham Academy 6th grade went to the Museum of Natural Science. After a 30 minute bus ride I was eager to go inside with my group. My group was made up of Harris advisory, Lovett advisory, Jake, and Stella. Our group started on the fourth floor where we saw the Race exhibit (race based off skin color, not running) we also saw the arthropod zoo. On the third floor we saw the dinosaur exhibit, we then walked across the sky walk to the other building. In the other building we saw a 3d printing lab, meteorites, and genetically modified fish. We then headed back outside for a quick lunch break. After we ate we went on to explore the second floor which had a model of a forest and all of the animals that live there for example: deers, owl, fish etc. lastly we explored the bones and models of animals on the first floor as well as the the statue of George Washington and others outside of the museum. In conclusion, it was a very fun day.

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus

Image from Sora

I am currently reading the Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus.

A mirror book is a book where the main character/characters can relate to you, A window book is a book that you can’t really relate to (usually fantasy and sci-fi). This book is more of a window for me because I have both of my arms, I don’t live in a theme park, and I don’t eat with my feet.

This is my second time reading Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus. I chose to read this book again because the story is interesting and I like to see how Aven makes new friends with her disability. I also think it was interesting  that at the begging of the book someone started crying at the park because Aven had no arms. In the end, I was happy to find out that Aven had made new friends.


My Wisdom Tales Project

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Over several days my friend Chris and I made a Scratch about a story called The Tiger’s Whisker. The story originated from the Philippines and is about a wife that has to gain back her husband’s love with patience. At first we didn’t know what story to choose so, to choose we thought about what story had the most meaning and what story is the most appealing. One thing we did was split the work into parts so one person wasn’t doing the entire thing by themselves.

My Chinese Project

Recently my friend Jack and I had to come up with a TV show idea for our Chinese class. For the project, we had to come up with characters and a plot for the show. We also had to write it in Chinese and present our show idea in Chinese. Another thing we had to do is draw our own characters. In the end, the show was about four friends that went inside a haunted mansion and they never came back out.

6th Grade trip

Camp Hanes


In September, the 6th graders at Durham Academy had the chance to go to Camp Hanes. We then got off the bus and headed to the gym/Baker center to play games, while the teachers were informed on who was in which cabin. After we left the Baker Center we grabbed our luggage and got situated in our cabins, and we then learned who was in out activity groups.

Later that day we then split up into groups. My group went hiking first, which was my favorite activity of the trip. We then went to the airnasium while we waited to go to our next activity which was rock climbing was fun because there were different kinds of rock climbing I have never seen before. We then headed back to the airnasium before I did archery, which was another really cool experience.

The next day we woke up to rain, and we then walked to the dining hall to eat breakfast. After that we then headed to the Baker Center for team bonding games while we waited to leave. One thing I wish I had done was canoeing. I heard that activity was the most fun. Although we had to leave early because of Hurricane Ian, Camp Hanes was extremely fun.

Harrison’s Backpack

Harrison’s Backpack


During summer break I read Finding Someplace, a book about Hurricane Katrina and the effects of it. The main character Reesie, was in a hurry to get her backpack and put in everything she needed. So she was quick and smart about what she needed to bring because, after the storm she probably would have never seen some of those items again. 

Then I was asked what I would bring with me. Firstly, I would bring my phone because I might need to be able to contact someone to help. I would also bring a portable charger because If my phone died I could charge it to contact someone to help. Something else I would bring would be a pocket knife. I would bring this because I could use it for self defense and I could cut things if needed. Another item is water bottles and protein bars for energy. Another thing I would bring is a whistle if I was stuck. Lastly, I would bring a crank radio because I may need to know something happening in the world. In conclusion, this is what I would bring in my backpack.