Stock Project


In Language Arts we read a book called The Westing Game. In The Westing Game there was a character called Turtle who was really interested in the stock market. Since Turtle was so interested in stocks we did a project with stocks. In our stock project, we had 20,000 fake dollars with those we could choose up to 5 companies to invest all 20,000 dollars in. I chose to invest in Alibaba, Taiwan Semiconductors co, Visa, Berkshire Hathaway, and Pfizer. This was a fun project but in the end I lost 30 “dollars”.

TED talks

TED Like Talk

In Language Arts we did our own “TED talks”. For these TED like talks we had to think about a topic that interests us and means something to us. My topic was about why I thought UCLA was a better school than USC. We had to do a lot of research on our topics. We also learned a lot about our topic. For example, I learned that one year of tuition at USC is equivalent to four years of tuition at UCLA. I thought why pay more money for a school for a worse school. Our TED like talks were five minutes long and we had to present it in front of our classes. All in all, I learned a lot about UCLA and giving presentations.

Language Arts Projects

The Last Cuentista

The Last Cuentista was a book about what our world would be like without stories and what it means to have stories. During The Last Cuentista we learned about different stories and what they mean. We also learned that every story has meaning. In the end, the world seemed like an awful place to be without stories.

Ideal world

This year in Language Arts we wrote a story about what our ideal worlds would be. My world was a place called Harreeb which was a rainbow ball with different regions based of different colors. During this project we had to think about what we wanted the world to be like. We also needed to know what food and stores we wanted. In conclusion this was a really fun project.

Handmade book

This year we made a hand made book for our parents. For our book, we had to write a story for one person that is special to you. In my story, I wrote about how my dad player D1 baseball. For this story we had to interview people to find out more about what you are writing about, for example I interviewed my grandparents (dad’s parents) who told me all about his career. In this book, we had to cut out and glue in something that reflects the stories. Also, on one side of the book was our ideal world writing. This was a very fun project.

Heat Shield

This year in science class we made a heat shield that could stop a blowtorch from cooking an egg. We were split up into groups of 2-4 people, my group was me, Andrew, and Quinn. To make our final design we needed to find out what materials would work best for our heat shield by running multiple tests. To get the materials we needed for testing we needed to find the materials we thought would work best and use our budget of 100 credits to buy what we needed. After running multiple tests with spackling compound, lasagne, duct tape, metal lathes, and sponges we learned duct tape, spackling compound, and sponges work the best. Next we had to fill out a packet on why we think we should use these items. We then had to put together a presentation talking about our design and why we used it. Lastly we had to do the experiment with our heat shield. In the end the duct tape caught on fire immediately and sadly our egg had 4 mm of cooking.


In Language Arts,I was asked what my ideal world to live in would be. I would want to live on a rainbow ball called Harreeb. On Hareeb there would be seven different states, one for each color of the rainbow.

On Harreeb there would be a different lifestyle depending on what state you live in. The blue states would be an ocean where the people live in floating houses and fish for food. In the light blue state the water is calm but in the dark blue state the water is always rough. In the red state there would be constant fire all around. In yellow, there would be a lightning storm going on at all times. Green is a huge grassland with a lot of animals. In the orange state, the ground would be an orange and the people get their food from eating the ground. In the purple, the president and all of the world leaders would live there.

Harreeb would be located in the far corner of the Milky Way. On Harreeb there would be a king and queen and a president for each state. The queen would be Kaia Nanzer. The queen gets to choose the presidents for each state and the next king or queen. The monarch could rule for as long as they want before picking the next person who will be king or queen.

On Harreeb there would not be any schools. In Harreeb we believe that we learn more from real world experience rather than school. It would be mandatory that everyone has to read for 20 minutes a day. On Harreeb depending on what state you are born in you will get a specific job to specialize in. For example the people in the blue states are usually fishermen or women.

A year on Harreeb would be 5000 days and each day is 5 hours. On Harreeb there is 2 hours of sleep every day and 3 hours you are awake. Harreeb is also twice the size of earth.

Shopping on Harreeb is amazing. There are two giant shopping malls in every state. In every mall there will be a Lululemon, Supreme, Gucci, LV, Bathing Ape, Nike, Adidas, Goyard, Ferrari, Buggati, Ferrari, Konisegg, Geico, five guys,  Chick-fil-A, Apple, basketball store, and a soccer store.The currency in Harreeb is called hollar. One Hollar is worth 10 usd.

Travel on Harreeb will be on the pricier side but the attractions are once in a lifetime. First, you will be treated with a personal driver that will drive you anywhere that you want. You will also have the chance to experience the culture within every state. Lastly, you will be able to choose a state that you want a house in (fully furnished and paid for by the government). Also, when you travel to Harreeb you will get a credit card which makes everything at every store free. The Harreeb credit card limits are 3 free items from every store except car stores where you only get one free item from every store.

The transportation in Harreeb will change depending on the state you live in. The blue states will use boats as it is all ocean. Yellow and red will use mostly hovercraft. Orange will only use their legs or bicycles. Green will be cars and trucks. Purple will have super cars and jets. The leaders will all get rainbow Bugattis

Harreeb is by far the planet filled with the most culture in the galaxy. It is also the best for travel and shopping. Harreeb is an awesome planet

6th Grade Field Trip

Picture from DA teacher

Last week Durham Academy 6th grade went to the Museum of Natural Science. After a 30 minute bus ride I was eager to go inside with my group. My group was made up of Harris advisory, Lovett advisory, Jake, and Stella. Our group started on the fourth floor where we saw the Race exhibit (race based off skin color, not running) we also saw the arthropod zoo. On the third floor we saw the dinosaur exhibit, we then walked across the sky walk to the other building. In the other building we saw a 3d printing lab, meteorites, and genetically modified fish. We then headed back outside for a quick lunch break. After we ate we went on to explore the second floor which had a model of a forest and all of the animals that live there for example: deers, owl, fish etc. lastly we explored the bones and models of animals on the first floor as well as the the statue of George Washington and others outside of the museum. In conclusion, it was a very fun day.

Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus

Image from Sora

I am currently reading the Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus.

A mirror book is a book where the main character/characters can relate to you, A window book is a book that you can’t really relate to (usually fantasy and sci-fi). This book is more of a window for me because I have both of my arms, I don’t live in a theme park, and I don’t eat with my feet.

This is my second time reading Insignificant Events in the Life of a Cactus. I chose to read this book again because the story is interesting and I like to see how Aven makes new friends with her disability. I also think it was interesting  that at the begging of the book someone started crying at the park because Aven had no arms. In the end, I was happy to find out that Aven had made new friends.


My Wisdom Tales Project

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Over several days my friend Chris and I made a Scratch about a story called The Tiger’s Whisker. The story originated from the Philippines and is about a wife that has to gain back her husband’s love with patience. At first we didn’t know what story to choose so, to choose we thought about what story had the most meaning and what story is the most appealing. One thing we did was split the work into parts so one person wasn’t doing the entire thing by themselves.

My Chinese Project

Recently my friend Jack and I had to come up with a TV show idea for our Chinese class. For the project, we had to come up with characters and a plot for the show. We also had to write it in Chinese and present our show idea in Chinese. Another thing we had to do is draw our own characters. In the end, the show was about four friends that went inside a haunted mansion and they never came back out.